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Price List

Honest, up-front pricing

At Town and Country Veterinary Group, we provide the highest standards of Veterinary Care from both our Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Nurses. Our fees reflect the time and investment in equipment and drugs needed to give your pet the best possible treatments available.

A consultation fee will be charged at every visit unless specified by the Veterinary Surgeon.

Prices correct as of October 2023, however these are subject to change so please always contact the surgery for more information if required.


  Standard Price
Initial Consultation all pets £55.00
Second and all Subsequent Consultations £53.00
Written Prescription Fee £27.00

Our consultations are 15 minutes long allowing more time to better assess your pet.


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Puppy Course of 2 Injections (10 Week Finish) £99.00 Included
Annual Dog Booster £75.00 Included
Dog Kennel Cough Vaccination £62.50 Included
Dog Kennel Cough Vaccination at time of another vaccination £45.00 Included
Cat Vaccination Course (including FeLV) £99.00 Included
Cat Booster (including FeLV) £75.00 Included
Cat Vaccination Course (Flu & Enteritis) £91.00 Included
Cat Booster (Flu & Enteritis) £65.00 Included
Rabbit Vaccination Course (Myxo + RHD 1&2) £75.00 Included
Rabies £105.00 10% off

Neutering Operations

  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Dog Castrate under 25kg £250.00 20% off
Dog Castrate over 25kg £290.00 20% off
Dog Castrate over 45kg £350.00 20% off
Bitch Spay under 25kg £330.00 20% off
Bitch Spay over 25kg £380.00 20% off
Bitch Spay over 45kg £485.00 20% off
Male Cat £90.00 20% off
Female Cat* £135.00 20% off
Male Rabbit* £145.00 20% off
Female Rabbit* £185.00 20% off

*These prices include pain relief to go home with.


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Microchip £35.00 Included


Pet Travel Scheme

  Standard Price
Animal Health Certificate*  £240.00 
Additional Pet £120.00

*All pets must be microchipped and up to date with rabies vaccination, AHC must be completed within 10 days of travel date and is valid for 4 months & 1 return trip within the EU. Please ring reception for more information.